Review: Boomtown Fair 2014
"From The Wailers and Soom T, we next saw one of the best acts of the weekend, Bermudan dancehall artist Uzimon. His unique brand of 'rude' reggae absolutely lit up the Lion's Den, which was now beginning to darken as foreboding storm clowds gathered overhead. Combining classic rhythms with, to put it kindly, cheeky lyrics, as well as a commanding and active stage presence, his song Steven Seagal quickly became stuck in our heads. His set up in the Hidden Woods on Sunday only reaffirmed what a strong live performer he is."
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Click HERE to pree pics from UZIMON'S UZIMONDRAISER in Brooklyn 6/14/14

We Did It!!!

Much love and thanks to all our backers!!!!!!! Because of you we will be crossing the Specific Ocean to fulfill our destiny!!!! More updates to come! Thanks for being a part of this and taking us to the next level!!!!!



We cannot dweet without YOU!

UZIMON has been booked to play some of the biggest festivals in Europe! Raising funds for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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UZIMON - Redeye Jedeye (Official Music Video)

UZI Globetrots, slays, does Jedi work and battles carnivorous vulvas  with Wally Floyd.



I hope dis letter finds you where you are at the moment. I really hope that as you read this letter you are also writing it, for I am doing the same. A wise man once said no matter where you go, there you are, and I think that is fuckery, precisely because it is so true sometimes all of the time. (mostly not always never) As you read this letter, as I write it, it becomes more and more clear that there is no way you can write it faster than I can read it. So let us write and read as one, as we once were and always have been, never to not be not. (Mostly always, not never)

I am writing us this open letter, not just because an "open letter" can make someone who is irrelvant instantly relevant again for an instantly relevant second before after the readers read, and then the person who wrote it is irrelevant, but because open letters were very relevant last month and we should always be on the cutting edge of relevance, because way more important than writing a good melody or having a wicked original bassline or trying to make people leave their troubles behind and all that fuckery, is to focus on relevance first and foremost. How do we do that? First, stop working on lyrics, stop trying to further develop your skills and take the long road, because someone who develops skills over time is irrelevant. You need to be focusing on things like putting pics of saurkraut and titties and someone else's 83 Chevy Impala on instagram like all the other relevant people, tweeting that you just went to Crossfit or Underwater Pre-Natal Soul Cycle and ending with a hashtag no one else uses like #boomtheprogram or #canIgetawhatwhat. You need to be figuring out what is current and relevant and then copying exactly that because orginality and doing what you enjoy just to make yourself happy have no relevent relevance. Sometimes I wonder if you wonder if I wonder whether we really want to be happy instead of be relevant in a world where relevance has so much relevance for a second! What di bloodclaat fuck?!

Don't you see? Can't you read? Are you still writing this? Ok, good. Let's keep it relevant. Write mi back an open letter to yourself and we'll go from there. 



UZIMON Kidnapped...European Tour Postponed

UZI apologizes to Boomtown and his fans across Europe for being held captive while scientists harvest his fluid to save the world.

BASSment Saturdays at Webster Hall [NYC]

UZIMON rocking the Bassment Saturdays party at Webster Hall


Pictures from the One Love One Life Concert

Check out di criss pictures dem pan bookface! Click rite ere

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