Review: Boomtown Fair 2014
"From The Wailers and Soom T, we next saw one of the best acts of the weekend, Bermudan dancehall artist Uzimon. His unique brand of 'rude' reggae absolutely lit up the Lion's Den, which was now beginning to darken as foreboding storm clowds gathered overhead. Combining classic rhythms with, to put it kindly, cheeky lyrics, as well as a commanding and active stage presence, his song Steven Seagal quickly became stuck in our heads. His set up in the Hidden Woods on Sunday only reaffirmed what a strong live performer he is."
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Uzi took to the stage with a renewed sense of energy
"The reggaelutionary sounded better than ever with his full NYC reggae band in a tight and polished performance. He certainly appeared to have a renewed sense of energy alongside them, much to the glee of his growing band of local fans." - Sarah Lagan [Read More...]
Uzimon's Showdown album will 'make the critics weep'
"Can we expect the same Uzimon we all know — shameless ignorance and crudity?"

No but you can expect the Uzimon everyone else knows — honest, intellectual, deep, compassionate, sensual, romantic and professional. Professional artist, professional lover.
John Lennon Tribute Concert in Bermuda (Review)
"Another highlight came from Uzimon, who strutted on stage in a replica New York City T-shirt once famously worn by Mr Lennon and gave the song ‘New York City’ a delightful reggae beat. Reflecting Mr Lennon’s often tongue-in-cheek humour, Uzimon declared he was more famous than the former Beatle as he had just been voted the sixth best reggae artist ‘on someone’s blog’." -Scott Neil
Toppa Top 10 Ten More Fake Reggae Tunes Faux-hall Parodies
"Uzimon—a white deejay who looks like Yellowman, sounds like Collie Buddz and perpetrates like Snow—takes this premise to the extreme..." Jesse Serwer
Catch Uzimon — a reggae legend in his own smoke-filled mind
Uzimon, Bermuda’s most-ignorant reggae superstar, is coming to Brooklyn to fire the opening salvo in what he calls a nationwide “reggaelution.” -Stephen Brown, The Brooklyn Paper. [Read More...]
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