Uzimon's Showdown album will 'make the critics weep'
"Can we expect the same Uzimon we all know — shameless ignorance and crudity?"

No but you can expect the Uzimon everyone else knows — honest, intellectual, deep, compassionate, sensual, romantic and professional. Professional artist, professional lover.
Toppa Top 10 Ten More Fake Reggae Tunes Faux-hall Parodies
"Uzimon—a white deejay who looks like Yellowman, sounds like Collie Buddz and perpetrates like Snow—takes this premise to the extreme..." Jesse Serwer
Catch Uzimon — a reggae legend in his own smoke-filled mind
Uzimon, Bermuda’s most-ignorant reggae superstar, is coming to Brooklyn to fire the opening salvo in what he calls a nationwide “reggaelution.” -Stephen Brown, The Brooklyn Paper. [Read More...]
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